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This is the page of CURS, the Cambridge University Roleplaying game Society. The society exists primarily to help players to find games, and GMs to find players. A meeting (the squash) is held at the start of each year, where new members can sign up. At any other time, you should e-mail the secretary if you would like to join. For anything else, feel free to e-mail the president.

The majority of the society's activity online takes place on our wiki. Here you will find logs of ongoing campaigns, a complete listing of all games running with details of availability, details of society events, and other useful information. CURS also has an IRC channel: #curs on The list of campaigns running 2010/2011 can be found here.

Roleplaying books and resources are available to borrow from our library. If you wish to borrow something you should e-mail the president. We also have a society mailing list, If you want to be added to this, please mail

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